School Program

Slide Presentation (approximately 20 minutes in length)

                                  -Brief History
                                  -Identify parts of the Balloon System
                                  -What makes a balloon fly
                                  -Hot-Air   vs. Gas Balloons
                                  -Inflation, Flight, and Landing process
                                  -Balloon Festivals & Competition
                                  -Cost of a Balloon
                                  -Special-Shaped Balloons
                                  -Questions & Answers

Live Demonstration Inside Gym or Outside (approx. 45 min. - 1 hr

-Inside Demonstrations:

Option #1 -Cold-Air Inflation of Large Older Balloon in Gym
(approx. 1 hour)
          - Students can walk inside of the balloon after it is inflated
          - Questions & Answers
          - Pack up - Volunteers needed

Option #2 - Cold-Air Inflation of Newer Balloon  (approx. 1 hour)
          - Students will
not be able to walk through this balloon
          - Questions & Answers
          - Pack up - Volunteers needed

Option #3 - Remote Controlled Balloon (approx 1/2 hour - 45 minutes)
          - 1/4 the size of our real Balloon
          - Small camp stove size propane tanks are used
          - Area away from student preferred
          - Questions & Answers


Outside Demonstration (Dependent on weather, surface conditions & time of day)
Option #4  - Hot-Air Inflation of Large Balloon (approx. 45 min.- 1 hr)                       
           - Inflation
           - Questions & Answers
           - Pack Balloon Away (Volunteers needed)

             This is, by far, the best option if weather permits.  The sound of the
             burner, the intensity of the flame, and the height of the balloon add
             excitement that will not soon be forgotten.  Kids (and teachers) love it!

Safety Precautions used for Indoor Demonstrations:  1)  Use of Electric  vs. Gasoline  
Powered fans,  2) Propane tanks are removed from the basket, except on the RC
Balloon,  3) Rubber pads are used to protect the Gym floor)
Mid-Ohio Balloon Adventures, LLC                                                                                               (419) 560-7535
Mid-Ohio Balloon
Adventures, LLC
Mt. Gilead, OH
(419) 560-7535
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Remote-Controlled Balloon
Gary Tyo, Pilot &
School Gymnasium Demonstration
Outside Demonstration
Mid-Ohio Balloon Adventures, LLC offers a unique educational program on
Hot-Air Ballooning for students of all ages.  The program consists of two parts;  a
Slide Presentation and a Live Demonstration.  You choose which live
demonstration will fit  your needs.
Pricing - $450 (plus mileage fee) - Includes the Power Point Presentation plus your
Choice of one of the Live Demonstration (see options above)

Mileage  Fee - We do charge a mileage fee for traveling to locations outside of the Mount
Gilead, OH  area which is where we are located.   There is a charge of $3.00 per mile
For Example:  If  you choose a Power Point presentation combined with the  
Outside Balloon Inflation, and you are located 50 miles  away, you would incur  the
charges of $450 for the presentation  and demo, plus $150 for mileage - $600 Total.
Note about  the Presentor:
Gary Tyo, pilot and presenter  -  A native  of North Central Ohio, Gary is a ballooning
veteran of 30+ years.  He has an excellent flying record with no accidents or injuries.  He
has extensive knowledge of the art and science of ballooning and is dedicated to
keeping the balloon business safe, exciting and enjoyable for every passenger.  Gary
has a degree in Elementary Education in addition to a degree in Law.
Please feel free to contact Gary for more information by phone at
419-560-7535 or by email at
Since we can only cold-inflate the larger balloons in the Gym - the
miniature remote-controlled balloon can be utilized to see the full is
approximately 20' high and has a small basket with a fuel and burner
system that uses 3 small Coleman camping-sized propane tanks.  For
Safety reasons, we would prefer to have an area that is separate from
where the students are sitting.  
For Example:  If you had the students
seated in the bleachers, the remote-controlled balloon could be flown
around the Gym floor area, or, Students could be seated at one end of
the Gym and the remote-controlled balloon could be flown on the other